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Top 5 Handmade Gifts to Make with Kids!

We all love to create in one way or another and we know kids really love getting their hands dirty whether it be in paint, markers or dough. Even the odd pot of Sudocream and chocolate spread has been known to be thrown in to the ‘artistic’ mix (Yes, yes you have to watch the video!).

Considering you don’t want to be cleaning that kind of mess up this Christmas, why not have a bit of fun with the kids and make some cute and quirky Christmas gifts for your friends and family!

Below is a list of my top 5 favourites. Click the heading of each one to find out more on each project and how to DIY!!

Fabric Pillows

Easy to create and so adorable! There are few cuter things than a child’s hand written words and what better way to preserve the memory!


Hand and Footprint Apron

Create a memorable gift for Granny and Grandpa that they will cherish and adore! A hand and and foot print apron is perfect for grandparents who love to cook.


Wind Chimes

Practically anything can be used to make a gorgeous display of wind chimes. Stick collected on a nature walk, old keys you no longer use, painted plastic bottle and even nuts a bolts from the garage!


Glass Gem Sun Catcher

An unusual idea for those artistic children who love adding a bit of colour to their love. The glass gem sun catcher would be a perfect gift for grandparents or aunts and uncles!


Snow Globe

Snow Globs are so simple to make, almost anything can be added to them and it only takes around 5 minutes to go from make to shake!

how-to-make-snow-globe-main (1)

It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas!

It usually doesn’t feel like Christmas until I see the Kelloggs ‘Ho Ho Ho’ ad on TV or even the Coca Cola Truck Advert (If you Irish you’ll know these all too well!) but over the past number of years this has changed due to the brilliance John Lewis.

John Lewis has astounded us all with their beautifully emotional and colourful adverts. This year it seems is no exception!

In 2013 they brought us the ‘The Bear and The Hare’. Set in a beautiful forest, the Bear is the only animal that never gets to celebrate Christmas because he has to hibernate every year. However, this year is different. This year Hare has a brilliant idea. Here is a reminder for you!

Last year we were introduced to ‘Monty the Penguin’ a little boys best friend who was longing for a companion. If you haven’t seen this ad beware, it will bring a tear to your eye!

The tear ducts will well up again with the release of ‘The Man on The Moon’, John Lewis’s 2015 advertisement released today. A beautiful tale but I won’t spoil the fun, watch it below!

What makes it feel like Christmas to you? 

Is it the nip in the air, cooking the plum pudding, a particular advert or Christmas shopping??

Let me know in the comments below!


The Latest Addition to Sesame Street!

When I first saw the news images of The Cookie Monster, Grouch, Bird Bird and, of course, Elmo came flooding back! As a childhood favourite I was delighted to see Sesame Street gaining popularity again with a new and colourful character.


Meet Julia the the bright eyed little girl who will be joining Elmo, Big Bird and the family in a new show to help spread awareness of autism. Julia will be playing an essential role in the new online programme, first showcased on 21st October, called ‘Sesame Street and Autism: See Amazing in All Children’.

According to CNN the Sesame Workshop partnered with 14 other organizations, including the Yale Child Study Center and Autism Speaks, on the initiative.

“We wanted to demonstrate some of the characteristics of autism in a positive way,” she says. The choice of gender was also deliberate. “We wanted to break down some of the myths and misconceptions around autism. It’s not only impacting boys, but girls as well.”

 Jeanette Betancourt, Sesame Workshop Vice President

Julia’s story is just one part of Sesame Streets larger Autism Initiative. Here you can find a series of wonderful videos highlighting children with autism as well as their siblings, parents and friends.

Along with Julia’s book “We’re Amazing, 1, 2, 3” parents and children who make their way online or via the app, will find “Benny’s Story”, a short video animation created in part by young artists on the autism spectrum, daily activity cards featuring Sesame Street Characters and various other resources.

As of yet Julia will not be appearing on Sesame Street’s main stream material which may hinder the initiatives impact as it will be limited to only those that seek it out. Hopefully, in the near future this will change and the bright eyed little girl will be seen as one of the main characters on the popular TV show.

And now for your viewing pleasure, “The Amazing Song!” (because it’s awesome!).

For More information visit:

Sesame Street and Autism: See Amazing in All Children Webpage

CNN Online

New York Times Parenting Blog

A Child and His Dog – Daddy is Home!

There is nothing quite as cute as a child and their dog, and this latest footage shows just how deep their connection can go.

A toddler and his best friend – aka the family dog – have become internet sensations this week, after adorable footage of them welcoming their dad home went viral.

In the video, the mum is overheard informing the tot that ‘Daddy’ is approaching the house in his car, and once the toddler starts squealing with excitement, the beautiful family dog follows suit!

It’s not hard to see why this footage is warming hearts around the world today. Check it out below.

Disney colouring book

Disney is working on colouring books that come to life!

Disney have finally combined the love of colouring and animation to create an augmented reality colouring book!!

This allows the child (or adult, because adults love drawing too!!) to simultaneously draw and use the augmented reality app on an iPad at once! Meaning you can watch your drawings come to life before your very eye.

Is anyone else as excited as I am about this??

disney augmented reality colouring book

It will capture the real-time imagery, converting it into a 3D surface and basically just bringing even more magic into our lives.

While the app is currently in the testing phase, I have no doubt it’ll be a major hit once it hits the app store.

Below is a video showing how it works and all the techy stuff!

It’s October Already!!

How time flies when your having fun!

It’s October already meaning the children are back to school and looking forward to the Halloween break, so lets have a little fun! Here are a few games and party ideas to keep the children entertained over the break!

Halloween Hand Prints

This is a perfect idea for those crafty children out there! For more information follow the link below:

Click Here For More Information

Halloween Hand Printed Witch

Pop Goes the Pumpkin

This game is the perfect combination of confetti and candy, perfect for the kiddos but messy to clean up 🙂

Click Here for More Information

Pop goes the Pumpkin Halloween Games for Kids!

Ghost Bottle Bowling

A brilliant game for a kids Halloween party, perfect for those competitors out there!

Click Here For More Information

Ghost Bottle Bowling Halloween Game

Carmel Apples

Who doesn’t love caramel apples on Halloween. The perfect trick or treat gift or for those like me with a sweet tooth!!

Click Here For More Information

Halloween Carmel Apples

Can’t wait for the festivities to begin!

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